After living here for 2 years i still can not believe that there are still no close place to freeride (x closed toe, besides santos) I am not talking about the XC trails of Alafia. It makes me sick because the horse people have clammed up most of the state parks and control the building of the our trails. It would be nice to be able to jump, huck and drop some stuff along side some good trail rides. complants I heard from these state parks trail builders is that the guys who want that kind of riding don't show up to do the work. If this is true I don't know, I got the feeling after walking a new trail with the person in charge and listening to their input and I got the impression that the parks here will never develop like the toe or Santos. I find myself looking at this large landfill hill accross the street from the womans prison and think, man that would make for some great dh / fr runs. Who knows they are going to put in a development right next to it and eventually they will have to do something with that land but by that time I hope to find myself back on the west coast in the mountains. If you have read this far then it is clear to say I am done complaining. Is there anybody out there interested in traveling to some great heavy bike places to ride? ie. Santos, GA, Windrock, Snoshoe, Whistler or ? my buddy is too cheap to support his habit so looking for others out there!?