Been quite a week in our area on the news front (good thing, as the freeze/thaw has had most of us off the trails for an unusually long time).

Started off with announcement that one of the 3 Enduro World Series US races will be held in Eureka Springs, AR in May. This one was a total surprise for me, and I'm danged pumped. My son is even more pumped, as he keeps up with all the pro riders and can't wait to have a chance to see them in person as well as race the same course as them.

Yesterday they announced the Cyclocross World Championship race will be held in Fayetteville in 2022. This was a poorly kept secret. The dude who does CrossVegas was flown out to put on a race (that was kind of crappy, actually) here. The rumor was that he was actually here to inspect the race site and help put together the bid for the 20220 Worlds, not to put on this race (which was underwhelming in design).

Got to love that Walton mojo.