Bentonville riding with kids-
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    Bentonville riding with kids

    Looking for a spot to road trip to and ride with my 13 and 10 year old boys. We live in Austin. The older one rides most of the Austin intermediate trails with little trouble. Heís good with small jumps, baby head and toaster sized rocky climbs and descents, and small ledges. The younger one is good with flowy, mostly smooth trails, with rocks and drops not much bigger than a curb.

    Is is there much for them at Bentonville? Other options?

    Also considering New Mexico. Open to other suggestions a days drive or less from Austin.

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    Lots and lots of options in Bentonville. Also a lot of good options in Santa Fe, but not as much flow trail (we do yearly bike trips out to the Santa Fe area, so I've ridden it a lot as well). Your main flow trail in Santa Fe is going to be La Tierra trails, which is a lot of fun, but kind of limited.

    What time of year are you looking at coming? The month of October is going to have a crazy amount of MTB based events happening, so it will be busy. Let me know whichever you decide on (Santa Fe or Bentonville), and I'll give you my advice. My son who rides is of a similar level to your older son, but he has a lot of friends who are closer to your younger son, so I can point you toward some good flow.

    Both kids will love the Railyard Bike Park, and it has progressive flow trails and jump lines that you can session over and over, which can really help them develop their skills quickly. Unfortunately, if there's much moisture, it's subject to closure. That being said, plenty of other flow for young shredders.

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    There would be plenty for them to ride in Bíville. Also, they are adding trail so quickly here that there is always something new to try out. In particular, the new Tristanís trail off of A St. would be a great flow trail for your kids. My 13 year old boy crushes it and my 10 year old daughter loves it even though she is easily intimidated by other trails. Also, the south side of Blowing Springs has a great mix of flow and some little drops and tech sections. Lastly, if you want some long and not too technical singletrack, the Back 40 can keep you busy for days. I also agree with the previous poster who recommended The Railyard. Your kids would love that place.

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    We were there this past week end, camped at Blowing Springs. Almost made me wish the kids were little again, so much to do.


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