Baker Creek Preserve - Knoxville, questions-
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    Baker Creek Preserve - Knoxville, questions

    I will be staying close by in Sevierville TN, the week of April 6-10. Are trails conditions generally ok this time of year? I'm not familiar with how East TN trails stand up to winter and rain.

    Also, where should I park and start the ride? Any suggested routes? I'd like to get a good sample of everything there.

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    Hey Swade, you'll love Baker and April can be a great time to ride there. It is the Southeast though, and you never know what they weather is going to do, so here's some food for thought....

    Parking is best at the old school at the corner of Lancaster & Wallace Dr. which you can find as the listed trailhead on Trailforks.

    The jump/flow trails (Devil's Racetrack, Barn Burner, etc.) are all mostly red clay. Super fast when it's dry, but slicker than eel shit when the track is wet and not suitable for riding. The recently added "Year 'round get down" trails are attached to Baker's and easily accessible from the same parking area. This particular area was designed to be ridable in wetter conditions and is a ton of fun, with trails ranging from green flow trails to tech double black rock gardens and everything in between

    It's possible that by April the newly renovated "skills park" at the parking for Baker may be finished and open. This area contains jump lines, pump tracks, drops and wall rides and looks like it'll be really nice when it opens.

    Red Bud Crest is the main climbing trail in Baker for everything except Devil's, which is slightly separated and has it's own climbing access trail. Red Bud will take you to the top of Cruze Valley (Fast and fun Green warm-up) as well as Barn Burner which is a great blue jump line. Floyd Fox is also accessed here, but it's more of an XC trail which is multi-directional. If you continue out Red Bud Crest past the drop ins for Cruze/Barn/Floyd you'll cross over a bridge over a main road and connect over to the Year Round area. You'll know you are there when you go under the top of the main trail through a small grated tunnel/jump. The line that goes over the tunnel/jump is awesome, and is accessed by heading directly right up the hill. After the tunnel, the trail splits into three options. Far left is a black rock garden, middle is a tech double black rock garden and right is a blue flow/jump trail with an awesome armored berm and a little tech sprinkled in.

    Have a blast my friend!

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    It's been an awfully wet winter around here. As mentioned already, it is heavy on the clay at Baker Creek, and things can stay pretty snotty at times. If the warming trend continues, the suck factor in the ground will increase significantly as the growing season kicks off and that can dry things out pretty quickly. It's still a month out, but I'd keep my hopes up. It's not a bad drive over from the Sevierville area, a straight shot down Chapman Hwy. I see you mentioned Baker Creek specifically, but I'd encourage you to look around at the rest of the trail system as well if it's dry enough and you have the time.

    Check out the trail conditions and what is open at the AMBC site.

    If things are on the wet side and you still want to ride, another 10-15 minutes up the road will get you to Sharps Ridge. The soil content there handles dampness much better and it's often open when the Urban Wilderness is to wet to ride. If we're just talking Baker Creek and not the rest of the Urban Wilderness trail system, Sharps Ridge is at least reasonably comparable to Baker Creek with a downhill run with berms, jumps, etc. Thought it was worth a mention as an alternative.

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