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    Zeke Update

    Zeke Update
    Thank you all so much for your support, concern and caring for a fallen rider. As many of you know, Zeke Sheppard was struck in the head by a car while riding toward home on September 3 of this year. He sustained serious head trauma including swelling of his brain and inner-cranial bleeding. He was unable to breath unassisted and was hooked up to a respirator in the Intensive Care Unit for a week.

    The good news is that Zeke has been released from the hospital and is going through an extensive rehab program at home. According to his doctors, his recovery has been significantly better than anyone would have expected given the extent of his injuries.

    The bad news is that the impact of the car hitting his head severed his right optic nerve. He will be blind in his right eye for the rest of his life.

    Although this is a hard pill to swallow, especially for a cyclist, Zeke is asking for no pity. In fact, he’s taking this far better than his friends because in his own words, “Blind is better than dead”.

    He has two more surgeries in his future to correct his wandering right eye. The first one will happen in 2006 and the second will be some time after that based on the outcome of the first. These surgeries will not allow him to see but will reattach ocular muscles that were also severed in the accident.

    Fund Raising
    Thanks to the kindness and generosity of the cycling community, we’ve raised enough money to cover Zeke’s medical expenses, including the two foreseeable eye surgeries. I cannot begin to thank every person and company that came together to help Zeke. The compassion and giving from both individuals and companies to help a fallen rider clearly emphasizes that the cycling community is different from any other group with whom I’ve ever been associated.

    To date we’ve all helped raise a little over $15,000.00 to help Zeke offset his medical and rehabilitation costs. This will cover his out of pocket insurance expenses for 2005, 2006 and cover his second eye surgery after 2006. Thank you all so much for helping Zeke. He is grateful to everyone who came together to help him. His family is amazed at the closed knit sense of family that we all associate with the cycling community.

    I’m proud to call myself a cyclist. We’ve all helped a very deserving cyclist get back in his feet to ride another day.

    Thank you,

    Ken Miner

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    Good job! Yes.

    Kenny, thanks for the good words concerning Zeke!

    Shite, riding with one blind eye is nothing, so says my old buddy John from Kali. Blind in one eye since birth, and that blond headed bastard kicked my arse every time we rode together.....

    Zeke, get out there and pound 'em. What an amazing story.

    My "Paypal trigger finger" is posed just in case (God forbid...) someone else gets hurt!

    Be careful out there guys! Ride fast and take chances, but be careful pleez. Fuccer's are out to get us.

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    great news! I'm really glad to read that we've rasied that much as a community of 'strangers' for another stranger that really is a stranger. At least we all know eachother on some level. This outpouring is pretty impressive.
    Just a regular guy.

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