Yes, this is another help me decide thread. I am definately hooked on singlespeeding.
I have decided to give away the conversion I made to my kid sis and buy a proper SS for myself. Bikes that I have been considering are: 1) Singular Gryphon or Hummingbird; 2) Surly 1x1; 3) Surly Karate Monkey; 4) GT Peace (kind of an afterthought)

The intended use would be for fireroads/gravel grinding, light commuting, flowy singletrack, and maybe some winter offroading. My intent is to buy a frameset and then build it up. I will most likely use V-brakes for simplicity, and to keep costs down ( I know I need to change to discs for the singular bikes). I also plan to run rigid. I have been hesitant to hop on the 29er bandwagon, as most 29ers I have tested feel like I am riding a monster truck ( I feel like I am just "along for the ride" rather than piloting the bike). I also tend to like bikes with shorter top tubes. (I am 5'9" and wear 30 length pants).

I tested a few singulars a while back and they seemed like great bikes. But again, the size issue conerned me. Singulars are kind of the corvettes in my line-up....I drool over them, but they are at the top of my price range (and availability is a concern).

I listed the Surly 1x1 because that seems to be a "do everything bike," and I am comfy on 26ers. Everyone with a 1x1 seems to love it and it seems like a real workhorse. It seems reasonably priced, and I already have an assortment of 26 tires.

The Karate Monkey also seems like a good all-around bike. I am not oppossed per se to 29ers....maybe I just need to get used to the feel. A 29er makes the most sense to me as a fireroad/gravel grinder, and less so for singletrack. I'd be interested in the opinion of people who have ridden both Surly bikes and the difference in the performance characteristics.

I listed the GT Peace becaue an LBS has a few old stock 2008 models on deep discount.

I have read all the reviews online for all of these bikes, and am interested others' opinions given my intended use. I appreciate any help or other suggestions. (Not interested in any BD bikes). Thanks.