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    Yay! perfect Tension

    Well I am putting my SS Zion(non ebb, ebay bike) together and got perfect tension with a salsa 36 CR and a shimano 18 rear cog, without the use of a half link.... Lucky me....

    Got to build the wheels tomarrow, I am hopin to have it rideable by Wednesday and ill post some pics, It will weigh in at about 22.5lbs when finished.....

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    When You Connect...

    the two ends of the chain, are you using a power link? I have found that if I try to use a power link to connect the chain, the fact that the chain needs to be slightly longer (to accomodate the pins sliding to lock in the P-Link) the chain ends up being too long for perfect tension. I have not tried to break and re-join the chain sans the powerlink and am wondering if this is the key?
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    The chain doesn't need to be longer in order to use a Powerlink. Simply connect the chain while the rear wheel is unmounted, then wrap the chain around the chainring the front and the cog in the rear and remount the wheel to establish tension.

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    I didnt use the powerlink......all standard bmx izumi chain....I did find however that using an SS cog that came with my gusset set loosened up the tension a bit, it is the same tooth count too.....weird.

    play around with it a bit, try a half link if you need....

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