hi all. need some honest feedback here.

i've been riding singlespeed for quite a while. i currently use a shimano UN-71 square taper BB(go through about one per 6 months) with some 90s era race face forged cranks. this has been the fool-proof combo for me forever. i dabbled in isis years ago, and experienced miserable creaks and loosening of crank bolts. so back to square taper i went....

i can't stand any creaking or popping or any of that crap while riding(so i have avoided eccentric BBs like the plague).

but i have the new bike bug, and have my eyes set on a 2011 kona unit 29 as a complete. it is spec'd with X-type BB and cranks. i have installed x-types on my wife's geared MTB, and she has had no issues, but she's way lighter than me, and a spinner.

are x-type BBs/cranks prone to creaking or loosening with SS use? i know there could be many factors like correct installation, etc., but i'm just looking for the general feeling.

also, i live in Oregon, so i ride in the mud/wet/muck quite a bit.

any experience or feedback would be much appreciated.