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    WI Eno or Paul Disc WORD hub?

    Any real differences? They seem to be pretty similar. I am looking to rebuild/replace my Raleigh XXIX rear hub (Formula?) with something a little more swanky. I have always had cassette hubs, but am wanting to try a FW setup. I am pretty set on 32x20 for where I ride, so I am not worried about the more expensive FW's.

    It would be really great if the hubs had the same flange diameter as the Formula's so I could just rebuild around the new hub, since the wheels came with decent rims and spokes/nipples. I have no idea where to get the flange diameter of the Formula's though to figure it out.

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    let's just say that they both kick a$$ - like nice, sunny days in Steamboat Springs during skiing season.

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    The WI Eno you can convert to eccentric down the road if you want.

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    Funny. I just pulled my rear Word off and installed a WI ENO non-eccentric rear. I had the wheel laying around and decided to convert it over from eccentric to standard. Both hubs are great. Keep in mind that the chainline is quite a bit different between the two hubs. The WI is about 48mm and I think the Word is 52mm-ish. Chainline is better on my bike with the Word, but that is no fault of the WI hub.

    Also, I think the bolts and washers on the Word hub are a little more fragile than the WI hub. Never had a problem, but after years of use and adjustment, they are starting to show some wear.

    Both great hubs, biggest consideration for me would be chainline.


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    Ive been on a Word for years. Beat the hell out of it. Dirt jumped on it. Street. Park. Singlespeed. Freeride. You name it. After about 7 years now I think I might need to replace one of the bearing sets. That hub has outlived 3 frames. Love it.

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    Have had both hubs you speak of. Both latest models. So long as you go with White Ind ENO freewheel, either one will suit you. And be a man, pony up and rebuild the whole wheel: rim, spokes, nipples and hub at the same time. P.S. On my Raleigh XXIX, went with PHIL WOOD & CO. --- all three rear single speed hubs are the same, seriously. In fact, my WI hubs were spec'd with Phil bearings. The biggest difference was the freewheel - notably between the WI ENO regular freewheel and the trials freewheel.
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    WI ENO Hub!

    I've owned both and have had to replace more bearings in the Word hubs than in any of my Whites (that's counting the geared hubs I've owned with 5 bearings per rear hub). White seems to have it down. I like the Fhub and Word hubs but when they are new and you replace bearings with less than 100 miles of dry trails on them, you go with reliability. That's been my experiences.

    Phil hubs would be the other for me too! All three are local to me (Northern Cali).


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