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    Who's used/using a Rohloff?

    Eyeing the Rohloff XC/SS tensioner to replace my Surly Singleator.
    I have an extra rear wheel. Also do very different rides every week. Some at a big trail center that have been ranging from 30-50 miles, with the others being a couple laps(plus sessioning favorite parts) of an ~5 mile local loop that makes for much shorter, but relatively more challenging, rides. For the short rides, I want to run a higher gear due to the low mileage, and a more aggressive rear tire because of some short, but very steep, climbs with surfaces that make it hard to maintain traction.
    Any problems I'm not seeing with the Rohloff running identical setups except the cogs having a 2-3T(18-21T) size difference?

    I've got a SRAM GX crank with both 0 and 6mm offset AB direct mount oval chainrings(and the option of 3mm offset). On paper, that's 49 and 55mm chainlines, respectively. I'd like to be able to use the 6mm offset/49mm chainline rings, because there are less expensive ones like OneUp's available when the time comes for a replacement. I'm not clear on how the tensioner is adjusted, or how much adjustment is there.
    What kind of chainlines have you managed to achieve in actual use with the Rohloff?

    Any tips on setup, chainring to cog+X amount of additional links, etc., would be welcome, too.

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    Had one. Don't.

    Take a look at dinglespeed setups.

    (Rohloff tensioners are well made, do the job, but you're better off with a simple mechanism like the DMR Revolver)
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    Temporarily ditched this idea, but am revisiting the Rohloff as I'm building a full suspension bike. Setting it up with gears, and the frame w/shock is 4+lbs. heavier than my hardtail's, but the temptation to give it a try as a singlespeed is there.
    Have a new pair of 30T OneUp direct mount chainrings with 6mm offset/49mm chainline on the way. 30:20 would be the same as the 32:21 "climbing gear" that's a bit easier than I actually need on my hardtail, and should make for a good starting point.
    So, again...Rohloff, 49mm chainline. Is this gonna give me any trouble?
    Maybe my Google-fu has been weak lately, but I'm not finding much info online that isn't related to use with a gearbox.

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    I have a giant reign I converted to singlespeed with a rohloff. I used the dh tensioner though. It has a shorter reach to the first pulley. Max cog is 17. I am running it 30 nw x 17 cog with a 10 speed chain. Works great. Has never dropped and I put it through all 6 inches of rear travel regularly.

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