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    White Industries Freewheel vs Hope Trials/SS Cassette

    Im about to start my winter build, in which I will be building my own wheelset. I have pretty much the entire build nailed down, but I'm still being fickle about the rear hub situation. I was hoping for some feedback and experiences between these two choices that I have it narrowed down to. The White Industries freewheel would be used with a Paul Components WORD hub set if I went that route.

    Im a sucker for engagement (that's what many years of bmx will do to you) and want the best possible setup with the best quality so it will last (which is what's worrying me about the Hope).

    Help a brother out!

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    The teeth on the WI freewheel don't last as much as one would expect and they are expensive to replace.

    A cassette hub + cog is lighter, cheaper to buy in the first place and cheaper in the long run as well.

    BMX freewheels are obsolete. I wouldn't put one on my bike without a very good reason. Even the WI.

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    how about the Hadley SS hub?

    the Hope SS hub is a good hub. i would go that route, just for cost and ease of changing gear ratio's and such.

    the Eno freewheel is a great american made part, i just bought one for my SS, but if i were building a new wheel i would go with either the Hope or Hadley hub.
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    It may be going against the SS holy grail, but why not build the rear with a standard hub? This way if you EVER decide you want to do something different with the bike or the wheel, BOOM...gears.

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    I had a set of wheels built up at the end of last year using the Hope SS rear hub, been riding it ever since. I'm not a little guy at 215lbs and I live in the western NC mountains, so I see my fair share of climbing and stress on the hub and I've had zero issues. That hub also lives on a 120mm travel slack, steel 650b HT SS that gets treated like a big BMX bike at times, I don't cut it any slack at all. As far as engagement, if it were any faster, I doubt I'd notice it.

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    I currently have a Shimano freewheel with Surly new hubs with a threaded axle and track nuts on my SS wheelset, though I do want an Eno freewheel. I built it up based on what I could find locally and my cost limits. I have a 26er geared Hope ProII wheelset that I also love. I have had no problems with either setup. I don't think you can go wrong here, so make your choice based on the melding of esthetic and cost. Both the WI freewheel and Hope hub are rebuildable and should give you years of good riding with proper maintenance. That said, the one thing that you don't have with the freewheel is the ability to fine tune the chainline as much or as easily as a freehub and cog combo.

    If I were to build another SS wheelset and price was not an issue, I would probably go for the Hope. My reasons being ease of switching cogs and possible dingleness, variety of hub colors, and chainline.

    If I were to build a wheelset with the standard freehub, I would have to get the steel freehub because the cog will tear it up. At least that has been my experience with the aluminum freehub and a Sram 970 cassette. I've since switched to a 990, but the damage is already done.
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