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    White Industries ENO

    The Frame builder who is building my frame is offering a white industries Crank for 150 and the WI BB for 80. Should I go for that? Is it a good Singlespeed setup? The Price is competiitve for sure.
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    I run the eno (w/ pw bb), yes it's a great ss crank, I also run the slx m665 (around $130 at cr), can't feel the difference between the two, obviously the eno looks better. In general the st bb should be longer lasting than the shimano, but, my pw bearings are shot after 2 years.

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    I ran the white industry cranks for year with their titanium bottom bracket and loved them there are a super crankset and the bearings in them are very smooth. the only reason i switched to the new e-thirteen cranks is to save weight other wise i would have never switched.

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    My co-worker runs them and he loves 'em. Was gonna grab them for my ss build but went with some old xt cranks for much cheaper.

    Definitely can't go wrong with the ENOs if they're in your price range...

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    I bent a WI spindle after two rides... Some might say I was riding outside of the designed intentions of the cranks, but if my crankset can't handle a 8' step up then I don't want them. If all I was going to do was ride XC and never leave the ground, they are silly nice. I swapped em for a set of SLX cranks and haven't regretted it one bit.

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