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    Where do I get rrear cogs for a novatech hub?

    I just bought a single speed (cannondale 1FG) off eBay and it's set up with a 34x18 (1.89) gearing. Recently I've been experimenting riding my current bike in a "single speed mode" (i.e. pick a gear and don't change it) on some the trails I will be using the 1FG on and, with my current level of fitness, a 32x21 (1.52) feel doable, 32x24 (1.33) feel really good. The terrain gets pretty gnarly and steep in some places. I tried riding at 32x18 (1.78), and in several places, just standing on the pedal isn't sufficient to move forward, I haveto pull myself down hard using the handlebars.

    So... I haven't received the bike yet (sometime next week), and I'd like to see if I can order some alternative gearing to be able to ride the bike as soon as it arrives.

    The crank is an FSA V-drive and the rear hub is a "Novatek singlespeed disc-specific cassette hub" (according to the seller).

    I couldn't find any info on Novatek (Novatech?) anywhere.

    Here is when I need help:

    First I'd like to know what kind of rear cog and front ring I need to buy and where to find some online.

    Secondly, I'd like to know what combination of front / rear ring/cog sizes you would recommend that would give me a ratio of 1.3 and 1.5.



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    Novatec uses a splined "cassette" style cog. Look for Novatec or Shimano BMX cogs. Webcyclery carries them, your LBS can order them from QBP if you'd rather go that route. The biggest available is 20t though.

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