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    Where to buy 1.25MM BB spacers?

    I am tinkering with my belt drive "chain line" and was looking to swap out:
    Drive side: 2.5MM spacer with 1.25 (one on drive & one on non drive to keep spacing)
    Who sells the 1.25MM spacers? Also I am pretty particular about these things so I don't want to use "something that would work." I want it perfect.

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    1.25mm is such an irrelevant amount that there'd be no point in spacing something out that little.
    you can get wafer thin bb AXLE spacers that you could stack up to add up to 1.25mm (for example chris king external bb's come with 3 or 4 of them), but not bottom bracket spacers.
    and this is assuming you're using an external bearing bb...

    i tried acting self-sufficient and doing a search for "1.25mm bottom bracket spacer" on your behalf, got zilch
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    Quote Originally Posted by byknuts
    1.25mm is such an irrelevant amount that there'd be no point in spacing something out that little.
    obviously never set up a belt drive bike huh?

    ask you shop to order some freehub body spacers from Wheels Manufacturing, out of either QBP or Wilson bicycle sales, maybe even BTI

    I ordered a few 1mm spacers, they make them in 1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm
    have you also considered using chainring bolt spacers or different spacers on the freehub body?

    pm me and I can get you the part numbers from QBP

    or here for BTI
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