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    New question here. When is a chain ring done?

    I've been riding bikes for over 30 years and I still don't know. I've got a chain ring on one of my road bikes that's over 15 years old. I did wear out a couple of MTB granny gears, years ago when I ran gears, but on my single speed bikes its hard to tell. Here's the Spot I'm running now. It's gone through 3 chains (the one on it now is toast), but I turned it around after the second and after a little bit of grinding at first, it seems to be working fine.

    The second photo is of an old Truvativ chain ring I ran for about a year. I never turned it around and you can see the shark fin effect. Can I just turn this around and use it again? What do you think?
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    Multiple choice

    Hi Brad, I've asked this question at two SS savy bike shops. One said run it till it skips then turn it around and repeat. The other said about 300-500 miles on an SS bike depending on how good it was to start with and how big you are. I think I liked answer # 1 better, don't replace it while it's working fine.
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    I dunno, but more than 300-500 miles

    I must have a couple thousand on the ring I have now. I've rotated it, but I've never flipped it over. I suppose it might be steel. I'll have to check.

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    1.5 seasons

    And more than a few hundred miles on my Jericho Suffering. It's starting to get relatively pitted in between the teeth but still churns just fine. It's hard-anodized aluminum.

    I have replaced rings when the chain would snag in between the teeth before I put the suffering on.


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    Just a note: Remember when a chain is getting towards the end of its life it will start to reform your chainrings as it stretches. Making sure that you replace your chain when it starts to get stretched to 1/16" of stretch over a 12 link section (12 new links will be 12" pin to pin, so when 12 links measure 12 1/16", it's time for a new chain) will really prolong the life of your chainrings and rear cogs. Once the chain becomes overly stretched it makes your chainrings and cogs useless for new chains since the spacing will all be off and things will skip.

    Sheldon Brown on the subject. (look near the bottom of the page)

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    Hope Sharkfin

    I was told to replace mine when the teeth statrted to look like shark fins, but I didn't listen then and prolly never will be very attuned to replacing things before they break. About a season and a half into my first spot ring, I kept on having the chain come off. I hadn't changed anything to alter my eyeballed chainline, so after several episodes where I stacked my nards into the bike when it decided to derail the chain as I was applying dynamic forces to her, I replaced the chainring and those problems went away. Then about a season and a half later, I broke my spider and that twisted the shizzle out of That chainring. Now my chainring is green and splined.

    Chainring bolts.........I can't understand the design of chainring bolts. Those little slotted backside bolts are a major pain in the neck. I bought the shizmano wrench and that worked poorly, so I bought the park wrench and that had to be dremmeled down to a thinner profile to make it work pretty half baked. I've seen the new torx crank bolt sets, but not in a short profile to run on SS without a bash guard. Has anyone tried these new torx nut thangs? I have a brand new set of RaceFace Warranty'd cranks that I'll eventually use, and I usually don't run a bashring, but I want to try the new torx nut crank bolts when I do. Anybody seen single ring short stack style torx crank bolts?

    The makers of those slotted back chain ring bolts have stock in the Band-Aid business.

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    It sounds to me like you have been replacing the chain fiarly often and before it stretches so much as to grind on the ring. Those in the pics look pretty good. One day, you will replace with a new chain and it will be all noisy and not feel right. You will look and see shark finned teeth on the chainring and know that it is time. Get a spare and keep in in the toolbox until that day.

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