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    Wheel build help

    New to wheel building and single speeding.

    My current set up is a GT Karakorum 29er that I converted to a single speed using spacers and a chain tensioner. I have a Stans notubes arch ex rear rim that I would like to build into a rear single speed specific wheel. I am looking at buying a cheap IRO hub. I dont plan on bombing it off stuff, just messing around on some light singletrack. So my questions are:

    Will a single speed specific rear hub even work on my non-single speed frame spacing wise?

    Will I run into any trouble Lacing my single speed rear hub to the arch ex rim?

    Do I dish or do I not dish?

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    Yes, a single speed hub will work on your frame as long as it has the same overall width. In your case, that would be 135mm.

    If you use the right length spokes and lace the wheel correctly, you will have no problems lacing a single speed hub to an Arch EX rim (assuming they both have the same number of spoke holes, of course).

    The whole point of running a single speed hub is that it isn't dished.

    But after saying all of that, I wouldn't bother building the wheel you have in mind. Instead, start saving your money for a better single speed specific frame and build a completely new bike just for fun. (Including tubeless compatible rims with nice wide tires). If you're strapped for cash, find a used Surly and start there.

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    Just to be clear, you need to keep the wheel dished as you build it. If you have never built a wheel before make sure you spend a decent chunk of time reading and invest in some legitimate wheel building tools. You will need to learn the relationship between lateral truing, vertical truing, and dishing.

    It's something that takes a bit of getting used to, but it's a great skill to have. I have built wheels for every single one of my bikes. It's literally the best upgrade you can give your bike.

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    Like they said above hubs are hubs. It has nothing to do with the number of speeds, it is the hub spacing that matters. So any 135mm rear hub, in your case will work.

    I just learned how to build my own wheels and just finished building up a wheelset for my cross bike. Great info on Sheldon Browns website for building wheels. I would start there.

    Also I disagree with the above, nothing wrong with running your GT as a single speed. If that is what you want to do and you like it go with it, no need to buy a dedicated single speed frame, just because your frame is not singles speed specific.
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    I agree with blkangel, nothing wrong with running the GT as an SS. I have a MUSS that's great, but I'm still building WI eno eccentric to run on my RMB Blizzard when I'm in the mood. I would probably go cheap to begin with, use the wheel you have with a cog and spacer set along with a tensioner or just use your derailleur, or maybe even don't shift for a period of time. You should try before you buy, as regret may come if you happen to not like SS and you spent the effort, time and money. That said, a disc specific SS hub will have little to no dish and can be run on your frame with a tensioner. It will be a stronger wheel build than a dished wheel, but if you've not had a problem with your geared rear then it's moot.
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