Well, I have been away for a while but not off the bike. Been getting rides in on both the road bike and the MTB when ever and where ever I can lately. But the MTB has been down for about a week as I past it off to a friend to tinker with the front brake after finally admitting failure.

Basically I had no power and lots of squealing going on up front. I bled it no less than 3 times, cleaned the rotor, sanded the pads and still got the same results. Past it off to my buddy who did the same thing, got the same results and then ordered some pads for it. Yes, I could have done this but I was so ticked off that it was safer for me to just let him play with it since he offered. The new pads have come in but I don't know if he finished it up yet or not. So while that has been down, I've been on the road bike then got sick and have actually been off the bike for a week all together as of today.

But I'm still tinkering around with bike crap. Being the WW that I am, I tuned my SLR XP saddle last night. Started out at 186g and finished at 113g. I did a write up/how-to over on the WW forum board (mainly a roadie board) but figured I share the link here in the even anyone is thinking about trying to drop some weight out of their saddle.

Weight Weenies • View topic - Seat Tuning 101

Still waiting for it to cure but should be able to get a ride on it this weekend. I don't think I'll put it on the Jabber though. I don't trust my craftsmanship that much and my Aspide is light enough and definitely stronger w/ its ti rails.

So in any case, I'm still alive, running all over the place for my kids sporting events (swimming and track now) and trying to ride when ever I can get the chance. So goes life.

Hope everyone has a great holiday season and gets in pleanty of riding time!