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    What's the lowest ratio you've run?

    I'm going on a looong trail ride this weekend and it's one of those rides with no flat sections, only climbs and descents. I'm going to run a 36/25 (they're big hills) and am just wondering what the lowest ratio you've used or normally run.


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    I can do anything 32x17, but 32x16 now because of a relatively flat race and now I'm too lazy to change it back. It makes my local trails seem hard again!
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    I ran a 34x26 for a bit. Found it really did not make the climbs any easier. Hurt just as much and I was moving slower.

    A gear in the 34x20/21 range is about as low as I can comfortably go. Running 38x21 at the moment.
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    i find 32/20 to be perfect for "me". sure i spin out on the flats, but I can keep a slow pace on the real technical climbs with it and it also allows me to moderate my pace for the riding I do (similar to yours). I may not be the strongest but this gear seems perfect for my riding.

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    About 40.5 gear inches...is the tallest...(for the Vision Quest 32x23)
    I normally run 42.5 gear inches....(32x22)

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    Recently a German stud won a hill climb with 32-40. 40t being the rear cog size :-)

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    My 29er began with a 32:20 and now has a 32:18. I find that to be a great ratio for singletrack for me.
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    on a 9er wheel is what i use for the "climbing" trails around here and 34:17 for the flatter stuff and country roads. i've thought about busting out the 22t for the rear but never have.

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