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    What would a bent ring feel like?

    I just can't seem to get the new SS dialed in. I thought I found the right combo to not have to run a tensioner, but after taking the bike out for a practice loop at the 24 hrs of old pueblo (including a life-passing-before-my-manhood chain drop), I came back to find that it was not peddaling smoothly. After checking the BB, the freehub, the chain for stiff links, etc., I was clueless.

    Somebody said that maybe my front ring was bent. Basically, after about every 1/4 rotation, the cranks stick a bit (almost like a stiff link). The chain is tight, but not too tight. Could this be the problem, could I be off alignment a bit (I didn't have anyway to really tell out in the desert), or maybe something else I have not thought of?

    BTW, I was able to ride for the most part just fine, except for 2 or 3 chain slips on some semi-steeps (stuff I had to stand to climb).

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    Kinda what your describing..

    but it sounds like your chain is also too tight. Usually a chain ring doesn't sit perfectly center on the crank spider, so the chain will tighten and slacken as it turns. If you threw the chain in this process you may have bent a tooth or two. Taken your chain off and spin the cranks; a bent tooth or ring should show up pretty easy. Try using an adjustable wrench to straighten it. You can center the chain ring by loosening the CR bolts, turn the crank a few times and tighten the bolts up slowly.

    1G1G, Brad

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