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    What Is Best Production Singlespeed (w Widest Tires) To Be Converted With Rohloff

    I am already a big single speeder, and I've been riding one speed mountain bikes for almost 10 years now, so forgive me for posting this multi-speed/Rohloff question here.

    I've finally decided to commit to buying a Rohloff. I live in Alaska for 6 months out of the year, and Arizona for the other half. I end up riding super steep, wet, muddy, rocky, rooty, nasty trails in Alaska in the warmer months, then I end up cranking out miles on singletrack and backcountry desert roads in Arizona in the winter. Often times I live far from decent bike shops, so I am looking to build up a bike or two with a Rohloff hub that will go anywhere, be simple, and hopefully be reliable and pretty much maintenance free.

    I really want to build up a Pugsley with a Rohloff. The two bikes I am riding now are Surly's, but Surly's can be expensive to build up part for part, even at QBP wholesale prices.

    The Pugsley may be a bit overkill and heavy, but it sure looks fun. I am also worried I could get screwed with a Pugsley if I need a tire or a tube in a jam. Too part specific, too few options.

    I've decided to look into a production single speed, and just add the biggest tires I can with a custom Rohloff disc wheel in the back. I want to keep the overall price of the bike as minimal as possible.

    Here's my question. Other than Surly frames and their trademark FFF chainstays, does Redline, KHS, Cannondale, Bianchi, and everyone else making cool production singlespeeds offer wide enough chainstays to put up to a 3" inch tire in the rear?

    What's the widest tire you can put on the new Redline or KHS 29'er singlespeeds? What's the widest 29'er tire currently on the market? Did Redline go to 135mm rear spacing on all their new singlespeeds as well?

    What about going with a 24" rear wheel with a Rohloff and an Arrow Racing 2.7-3.0 inch tire? I've got a 24" rear wheel on my Instigator that does just fine, but I am uncertain about one with a Rohloff. Should build up the strongest wheel imaginable. Anyone ever gone this route?

    Ultimately I'd like to ride 3 inch tires on a rigid singlespeed with a Rohloff hub. I am torn between 26er or 29er. I raced a Karate Monkey in 2003 and had a hard time keeping wheels true. 26 inch wheels are def less maintenance. A 96er with a Rohloff could be cool.

    Let me know if anyone has any insight on these ideas/concepts.


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    I think Niner Bikes have a Rohloff option (29'er though)
    I guarantee I will never, ever be accused of bringing sexy back...

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