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    Weak Leg due to Disc Prolapse

    Hi, I've had a few disc prolapses (L5/S1) over the years and finally had surgery a couple of years back. Left leg has always been a bit weak around the ankle and I can't do tip-toes on that side.

    After the surgery for about a year I was great and could still stand and mash as well as before - i.e. not perfect but I'd built the surrounding muscles up enough to compensate I think.

    But around the end of last year I began to limp more and now my left leg is really shot - very hard to stand and pedal as my left foot just collapses. I've been to my surgeon and had all the tests and there is nothing that can be done. He did say that I should work on the surrounding muscles though.

    So, to sum up, this is a complete bummer for SS as you can imagine and the reason for posting this is I want to know if anyone else in a similar predicament has been through this. If so, did you get through it? Or am I back to twiddling granny gears forever...

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    i can't speak to how things will go for you. h

    i too had an L5-S1 blow up, big time, the MRI was scary. actually three times, about 10 years ago. shooting pain, numb foot, the whole thing. it eventually healed without surgery. i don't know how or why, but it did.

    cycling has been my salvation ever since. i feel like a shark...keep moving (riding) or die. i still ride SS and fixed, but deep down, i think the torque involved in SS riding contributed to my initial injury. i used to abuse my body more than now ... i'm more careful about those early subtle symptoms and change riding position accordingly.

    best of luck to you.

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