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    Warranty Opinion

    A friend of mine (really) is having his frame replaced under warranty. His original frame was a singlespeed with an EBB, but the bike company no longer makes his frame so they have offered him essentially the geared version of his frame. The geared version is BB30 so he was told he could buy an adapter for $140 and be good to go.

    I'm of the opinion they should provide him with the adapter free of charge because his original bike was a dedicated singlespeed. He's a really nice guy so he just said okay.

    Should he go back and ask for the adapter?

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    Warranty is a tricky one. Invariably when a frame is upgraded via warranty some components won't swap over but the manufacturer is not obligated to accommodate this.

    IMO a good LBS will work with a customer who has a frame warrantied and work out a deal for any parts that are required to rebuild the bike that keeps all parties happy.

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    This situation is a bit different than seatpost variances, etc. The company should help him out, and they will if he asks firmly enough.

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    Will a company reimburse for the cost of the frame if the new frame is not suitable? Asking cause I don't know. Like say in this situation or maybe the person bought a frame because of specific geometry and several years later that geometry changes significantly and is no longer suitable for the owner. I guess if all else fails, you could sell the brand new frame and get something else, but yeah, I see where things can be a bit sticky in this situation. Hopefully the company is standup and helps out in some way.
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    I had to buy a $30 ebb insert when Trek warrantied a frame for me (XCal to Ferrous). Ironically when I broke that frame (Ferrous) they gave me a frame and fork(Sawyer) to replace the broken frame. It can go either way. Can't hurt to ask.

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    I think you should keep asking for a break on that adapter. I have seen frames warrantied with headsets and bottom brackets so that the old parts will match up with the new frame. the bike shop should fight for you to get this stuff.

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    Ask for the adapter. He should have done that in the beginning. I used to be like your buddy, now if **** doesn't go the way I expect it to, I say something. I got tired of feeling like people were getting one over on me and thinking later I should have just opened my mouth. now, I open my mouth and of they say no--eh, I tried.

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    Does the adapter manufactured by the frame maker or is it aftermarket? The beer components adapter is a fine part by the way. If the manufacturer makes it, he should get one as part of the replacement. If not, maybe they can provide other parts to make up the difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manicmtbr View Post
    A guy around here broke a scandium Selma and paid a hefty upgrade fee for the ti version.
    But, that would be worth it .

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