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    Want to hear from peeps who went from SS to geared and then back? Pros and Cons

    Thinking of returning to my SS roots. Most worried I'll miss bombing down hill but that can be fixed with a good fork along with getting exhausted up hill, but that can be fixed with fitness. Otherwise I love the look of SS, I love riding SS, I generally sit in one or two gears on a twisty MTB trail anyhow. Mentally I'm there, just having trouble pulling the trigger.
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    Re: Want to hear from peeps who went from SS to geared and then back? Pros and Cons

    Keep the geared bike and buy another for SS.

    I like the rest during downhills! Just hold on and enjoy the ride.

    I go back and forth whenever I want having multiple bikes.

    Can't imagine not having a SS.

    I rarely ride the geared bike anymore.

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    Rigid SS is low maintenance and can be had pretty cheap if you want to, so why not have (at least) 2 bikes in your garage?
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    I started on a single speed and rode it exclusively for 7 years. Recently I built up a hard tail with a 2x10 drive train and it sits most of the time. The only time the gears gets used is when I have a visitor or doing a ride with lots of flats.

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    No rule that says you have to only have one or the other. I don't ride my geared bike much, but it's a nice option to have, especially if I'm heading out on a group ride consisting of lots of flats. Otherwise, the SS's gets the call.

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    I was in the same boat... Decided to build another bike for SS... Geared for the longer weekend rides, and SS on the weekdays when pressed for time...

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    I keep one of each. I honestly prefer the SS, but some days I just can't take the abuse, and that's when the geared FS bike comes out. I really don't hold back any more on the SS on down hills than I do on the geared bike, but at the same time, I don't really try any harder on the geared bike going down hill than I do on the SS, so it's a wash as far as bombing down hills for me. Really, what I like on the SS is the technical stuff, then the FS bike just makes for a more relaxed cruising along where you aren't "doing" anything.

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    I find my lynskey titanium bike with front suspension to be awesome/comfortable on downhills...

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    Rode single speed exclusively for many years. Got fat this winter and out of shape. Couldn't hack the SS, so I went back to gears. Recently geared down the ss and have been focusing more on technique and relearning mechanics.
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    I ride with a 140 mm Pike SS; never really use the lockout either; works great for bombing the DH's. Flats or pedal DH's is where I lose time, but not on steep stuff. Also have ridden a 160 mm Metric (27.5 wheels) and that works well too.
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    I agree with most of previous comments. I have blinged out Turner 5 Spot that gets used 2 or 3 rides per month, killer bike! My Singlespeed is used almost every ride. 130 travel Fox Float 34 lets me bomb anything. Get both. You could have worse habit than collecting bikes.

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    SS and gears here...

    I ride a Turner Sultan full suspension bike <20% of the time then split the remainder of the time between geared hard tail and steel rigid forked SS. I've ridden all three varieties on 50+ mile rides and in races.

    No way I'd ride the rigid SS where the Sultan goes as my back would bother me for days. I've ridden the hard tail w/ 120mm 2014 Fox FIT RLC on those trails too and I still prefer the extra gushe of full suspension on the roughest trails.
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    Want to hear from peeps who went from SS to geared and then back? Pros and Cons

    Started out geared but have been SS rigid exclusively for over two years. I've become more aware of its limits and am searching for a geared bike, in addition to the SS, for longer rides where I don't know what to expect. Definitely keeping the SS for the fun factor.

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    Never gone back to gears on the MTB and never want to. I have 2 MTB's and both are setup SS; just different gearing.
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    Just got my SS belt drive 650b finished and rode it today. I had a blast. Its the best bike I've ever ridden and the belt is so damn smooth.
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    1) I realized I don't necessarily love ss more than geared or vise versa. I realized I just love riding in general. Cheaper, and more simple is just a cherry on the top.

    2) My first time mtbing I ripped the derailleur off the fully ridged bike I was riding and we rigged it for single speed to get home. For some reason the trip home on the single speed was funner and I wasn't much slower.

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    Rode gears my whole life up till 2011. After a 2-1/2 year hiatus from MTBing I've ridden and raced SS exclusively and with some huge success for my first year of racing. I plan to go back to gears for 2015 purely for racing reasons but the damage has been done I don't think ill ever get rid of my Niner SS.

    As for bombing the DH, well my local trails are rather steep and gears won't help you go any faster so I'm still faster then most anyways. There are those few spots with a jump that I sometimes think "damn if I just had a few more mph on this flat section I could clear that double" but alas its a rare occurrence.

    The mad props you get for being the only moron dumb enough to enter a 24hr race solo on a SS make it all worth it.

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    I had my ss built to also be 1x10. I have a 1x10 setup and took it off but never disconnected the cables from the derailler to the shifter. If I ever want to throw gears back on I just slap on a cassette and throw the shifter back on. Since I never disconnected the dangly bits I know it will shift perfect when I throw it back on. One you do it a few times it's amazing how fast you can throw it on

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