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    Video Suggestions?

    I'm making my Christmas list and I would like a couple good new videos. At $15-25 a pop I don't want more of the same old Freeride and Urban assault stuff I already have. Any thoughts on killer films with great singletrack action, maybe even some SS footage?
    Good soundtracks are a plus too, like ones I can let my son hear without him getting an early and unwanted education.

    A little hucking is cool, but I'm looking more for normalish guys riding in exotic destinations than exotic crazy guys riding off of stupidly high stuff and doing stants at the same time. I have those already.
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    I think those videos are called boring...
    but seriously, I don't think there's much of a market for videos of people spinning down singletrack in africa or the desert, or some other ****. people all want to see people gapping the stairs in town, 20' hucks, crashes, blood etc. all with 'dirty' soundtracks.

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    Basically TV or movies are boring...

    ....If I want excitement, I'll go ride my own bikes
    Gspot...You are right that's why they make so many like that, and I have about 6 or 7 of them. Just looking for something different I guess.
    Actually for some reason I tend to fall asleep watching the exciting ones with the blood, big air, raunchy music etc. maybe it's because I'm always watching so late at night after my son is asleep
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    The only two I know of that are "different" than the standard form are 'Dirt Divas' and 'The Collective'; and both of them are kinda lifestyle oriented, but definitely have the freeride flavour.
    The only way to get away from the freeride is to watch the race videos...

    I suggest you get the 'Drop In' series from here in Canada. It's all about livin in a bus and riding all over Alberta/BC... street, dirt jumping, freeriding and trail riding. It's a nice mix that keeps you coming back for more.
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    Probably not what you had in mind, and perhaps not even your cup of tea, but have you seen "flatland" freestyle BMX?

    Bobby Carter's Diversion DVDs are excellent for the genre (I have the 1.0-2.0 DVD, haven't yet seen 3.0-4.0). Normalish guys, exotic destinations, 100% SS footage (albeit 20"), laid back soundtracks, good production. No single track, but wall to wall impressive bike handling. No hucking, not setting off fireworks in rental vans, no hotel room wrestlemania, no vomiting, no running down roadside shrubbery.

    The first time I saw this type of riding I was hooked and had to try it, but I don't see why someone couldn't be a passive spectator. Then again, many think it is just weird, fruity "figure-biking".

    Diversion Site:
    Quicktime Preview:

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    Wish I could find some race vids!

    I wish they (whoever they are) could make some MOUNTAIN BIKE race DVDs!
    I mean there's Euro-Road-Dog movies out the yin-yang, but you can't find MTB race
    or ride vids to save your life. I have Montezuma's Revenge taped from OLN and some
    NORBA race vids that are were on ESPN like 8 years ago that I've watched so many
    times they barely move through the Betamax® (kidding) But sometimes they really
    inspire my a$$ to get on the trainer rather than plop on the couch and pop a cold one.

    I get nuthin from some guy hucking off a car with bad Metal playing in the backround.

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