Using time trial bars and levers-
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    Using time trial bars and levers

    I've got a singlespeed that runs on the road as well as the dirt. Right now, I've got On*One Midge bars, Cane Creek SCR-5 levers and a high-rise stem on it. Feels great, rides great.

    But I'm never done experimenting, so I was wondering about the feasibility of using time trial bars and levers on this bike. If I use the same stem, how would that affect my reach? Would I need a different stem to make time trial bars work? How might handling be affected when I go off-road? Also, are time trial bars created equal? I'm guessing not. Any particular shape that's better than another?

    Any help from those who ride with time trial bars would be great appreciated. Many thanks!

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    These are some of the reasons I would not do that.

    Brake lever postiion if you use tt or road levers when you are decsending your weight is forward instead of back.

    You can use BMX levers on the flat but your braking won't be great and tt bars are narrow usually the widest is 42. You can get stoker bars up to 47.

    You would probably love them on climbs but hate them on any technical trails or downhills.

    Thats just my opinion and I am all for you trying it out and letting everyone know what you think.

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    Thanks for that. I should've clarified that this bike sees about 95% road time and only about 5% dirt time when I'm feeling a bit daring and even then, we're talking fireroads without much technical action.

    I've seen some time trial bars that are about 44cm wide, and quite frankly, I'm not sure big wide time trial bars will give me the sort of feel and handling I imagine having here. The idea would be to keep my arms fairly parallel for the road.

    Any advice from fixie riders, etc.?

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    in commuting i have found any timetrial bars i ever used were never as comfortable as regular chopped and flipped road bars. and those were never as comfortable as normal road bars.

    in summary, i don't think anything you do is gonna be any better than what you already have. after trying all that jazz on my commuter i am back to salsa belllap bars and the only thing i couldthink that might be even better are them on-one bars you got right there. no other bars give you as many hand positions as good old road drops... and at the end of the day when my hands get cranky being able to move them around a lot is the best thing for it.

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