Using a ss on a (beeping) trainer-
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    Using a ss on a (beeping) trainer

    A few times a week I wake up about 45 min earlier then normal, wife does a training run. For a bit I was just taking the dog on a good walk but thought maybe I could use some of that time on a trainer that I am borrowing from a friend. Yes I know my ss will hate me when I place it on it. Does anyone else do this? I founds this: Indoor Cycling Basics, Tips, and Trainer Workouts | Bicycling Magazine

    What do you think? I do get out about 3 times a week. One with the wife (slow) but am getting a trailer to tow my 5 year old. And two other rides. 1-3 hours depending.
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    I unfortunately use a trainer after the time change but I use a geared road bike. My trainer doesn't have adjustable resistance so I can't fathom using my ss mountain bike on it. MAYBE a ss with more road-like gearing would be okay...or if you have a trainer with adjustable resistance (many are like that).

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    I have the kinetic road machine. Got it last year for christmas and it has since collected dust. Now that I have a road's still probably collect dust this winter as well. Though I do plan to torture myself on the thing for the first few weeks at least. Who knows maybe I'll actually use it this year? Last winter I had a wally world mtb on the thing with a slick rear tire and I found the gearing to be underwhelming. I spun it out to easy and it wasn't doing my legs any good. I hope a geared road bike will change that.

    All that just to say thanks for the link!
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    I had to use a trainer for a bit on my SS MTB and I stuck the knobbiest tire on and lowered the pressure to like 10 lbs so it was super flat on the roller. I actually got a good workout and quite a bit of resistance.

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