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    tubeless tire repair Q&A

    Well, 12 Miles of Hell is done and over with, and the tires that were brand new before the race now need repair. The rear tire went flat during the race after hitting a rock really hard, almost like a pinch flat. I just put epoxy on the inside of the tire, and superglue on the outside, and it seems to be holding. Now for the front tire. It didn't go flat during the race, but it's got a sidewall cut that is bulging and looks like it won't last another hard ride. Damn it, I just can't justify chucking brand new IRC Serac UST tires in the trash after one race. Anyone got any got recommendations for prolonging tire life with this sort of sidewall damage? I will try the epoxy on the outside and I was thinking of putting a big thick patch on the inside and maybe securing it with some more of this "Grip It" slow-cure epoxy that I found laying around the shop (the same stuff I put on the inside of the rear tire to seal the puncture). The idea is to minimize the bulging effect which seems to hasten the demise of most tires. Any ideas are appreciated. I'm also going to try out some of the new tubeless tire sealant from the Slime company.

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    I have had that same problem with my USTs. I fixed mine by applying a tube patch/cement on the inside of the tire. Then to strengthen the sidewall I use a needle and thread (from a tubular patch kit) to suture the cut closed (going through the patch in the process). I touch up the suture holes with super glue, refill with Stan's No Tubes, and I am back at it again. Hope this helps.


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    Tubeless repair, 12moh

    Quote Originally Posted by iliketoridebikes
    Well, 12 Miles of Hell is done and over with. Anyone got any got recommendations for prolonging tire life with this sort of sidewall damage? I'm also going to try out some of the new tubeless tire sealant from the Slime company.

    Ok, first of all, did you ride the 12MOH on a ss? Did you happen to be one of our "posse" of 9 or 10 singlespeeders that started together at the back? If so, which one? I was on the black (actually brown, I never clean it) Surly 1x1 with the blue SID Race (also mostly brown). Name of Brian Brennfoerder. Fourth year, most fun yet.

    Second, git yerself to Walmart, specifically the automotive section. You can purchase from those fine folks a set of "tubeless tire patches," designed for car tires, that are THE solution for sidewall damage in bicycle tires. They're thick enough to not bulge, and wide enough (about 1.5") to cover most rips and tears. I have tires with 3 or 4 of those things inside, and regular rubber cement holds them forever. Seriously.

    Third, git yerself to Hobby Lobby, and purchase a 16 ounce container of latex Mold Builder for about $10. Mix one part latex to two parts water, put about 1/3 to 1/2 cup of mixture inside each tire, and ride like the dickens. Repeat every couple of months, because eventually the water and ammonia escape, leaving no moisture left to seal leaks. I've heard replacing the water with Windex prevents freezing, but I haven't tried that. Have been using the mixture for over 3 years now though. Actually works on some cuts, too.

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    another solution

    for a small gash type puncture, i recommend using Hutcheson patches. they are super thick and will reinforce the slice. for smaller punctures without (or very little) damage to the casing, regular patches will do. for both, it is very easy to repair with one bead still mounted on the rim. Another tip is to clean the area to be patched with mineral spirits, to remove any oils, before lightly sanding.

    for everything else, a scoop of stan's repair will thorn type punctures without you even noticing. i mix my own stans by using one teaspoon of liquid mold builder to one cup of water. works great.

    i do this for running tubeless on both conventional and UST tires.

    good luck.

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    Who has THE solution?

    Quote Originally Posted by PBnJ
    ...that are THE solution for sidewall damage in bicycle tires...
    Well, as is the case in the REAL world, there isn't always ONE good solution and to say that one has THE solution is myopic. Three very elegant solutions to patching UST tires have been presented here. However, with that said, there is a structural dependence on what type of punture you have, how big it is, and where it is located. These factors may contribute to the success or demise of the three solutions presented. So, bear that in mind when you are presented with relatively large puncture in your UST tire.


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