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    Trying out the Singlespeed?

    Before I spend the money on converting an old mtb to a singlespeed, can I get a close approximation of the experience by just riding my bike in one gear where the ratio is the same as a singlespeed?

    Today I went on a Suburban attack ride on my hybrid. Decided to not gear down for hills past a middle gear. Mashed up the hills and found myself really enjoying it. Reminded me of days of my youth riding around on singlespeed banana seat bikes. What a workout - feels like I've been doing squats.

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    It is a rough approximation. When I did it, I allowed to much gear. When I got my SS, the gearing was 32/20 and much stiffer than I had tried to approximate. The efficiency of the SS is also noticeably better, so the same gearing is a little easier on the SS. Mentally, you are 100% commited on a SS, and that is hard to approximate when you know you can always grab gears.

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    MM9 I did the same thing you did before getting my SS. I found it easier once I got my SS than the other bike. I don't regret the purchase and in fact I like riding more now than I have ever in my 10 years of riding.

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    i did the same too. everyone says "no no its not the same, blah blah blah" and there were several threads before on this. but watevers, yeh, its NOT the same, but at least you can get an idea before you build a SS. if you end up liking SSing on a gearie, then when you make the change, it will be that much better!

    i tried my local trail in one gear, 32/18 to see if i could do it. i made it so i made the jump to SS. my first ride on true SS was a different trail and i got my arse handed to me.... lots of STEEEEEEP climbs. then i did my regular trail and i completed it with only 2 breaks (one coz my shoe came unclipped on a climb and i lost speed. :P ) and in record time for myself! im loving SS. ill prob change to 32/17or16 after i build up some strength.
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