true SS hubs vs. regular casette hub for SS-
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    true SS hubs vs. regular casette hub for SS

    hi all

    i've read the thread on favorite SS hubs, and freewheel vs. freehubs etc.

    i'm looking for a high end set of SS hubs (specifically kings but open minded...). i can find lots of kings built on wheels, 1 year old for around 5-600 bucks... but these are all regular non-SS hubs (i need wheels anyways). or i can buy a new set of just SS hubs for 600 bucks (ouch).

    is the wheel dishing thing really that big a deal? i run dished wheels on my DH bike...
    or am i better off with true SS hubs for the "stronger wheel"? any other good hubs in the same range (freehub only, please). intended use is aggressive racing and trial riding SS.

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    There's the Hope Trials/SS hub. I don't know wether Goldtec still makes hubs. But they had a good SS hub as well.

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    For me,

    some of it depends on the frame I'm putting the wheels on.

    If you have a SS frame with either an EBB or sliding vertical dropouts, I'd say you can easily use any old geared wheel spaced out to your favorite cog. If you were using a frame with horizontal track ends, I'd personally want to wheel that has a bolt on axle to help prevent the wheel from slipping forward in the drops. Some geared rear hubs are easier than others to convert to a bolt-on setup.

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    I have two sets of DT240 wheels hanging up in the garage. One is a regular hub and the other is a ss hub. I haven't really noticed any difference in them coming out of true, and I've never taco'ed either wheel.

    I figure that if you don't have any problems keeping a geared wheel in shape, then why would it be any different if you only have one cog on there plus a bunch of spacers? It's the same wheel.

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    I have always had wheel truing issues in the past. My singlespeed wheels on singlespeed hubs have NEVER been trued in 3 years of use. Maybe the builder of the singlespeed wheels was more talented than my past wheels, or maybe there is something to running the singlespeed hubs, you decide.

    I'd forgo the Kings and find something more reasonable. $600 for hubs is insane, use the money you save for a great bike trip!

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    Does anyone know where I can read up about the differences between the two types of hubs? I too am looking into some new hubs and although I won't be dropping i9 or king prices I have considered the second tear hubs (in terms of price). Phil Wood and Hope specifically. I'd like to know the difference so I can figure out if I should build a good set of wheels that are versatile (spacers in case I go geared, i think these are cassette hubs??) but are weak or if I should stick with a SS hub assuming there are benefits such as the "dish." Also is the whole SS specific hub that different in terms of durability? The king hub is advertised as being built for the stresses of SS. Is that pertaining to the dish factor or an internal mechanism being made stronger? If anyone could point me in the direction of a good thread explaining the differences or the pros and cons that would be awesome! I read on Sheldon Brown but all I found was info on Freewheels vs. Free Hubs.

    P.S. Is building a set of wheels not something to be undertaken by a novice? Assuming I have a Zinn book and access to Sheldon Brown. Would buying a high end hub such as the hope/wood be a bad idea for a first time wheel builder? Should I go the route of a deore hub laced to a sun rim? Break down an old rim I have here already and rebuild? How did you guys learn and how quick before you jumped into building quality wheels with quality components?
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