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striking a pre-ride pose with my single speed redline.</div>

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carving up some nice single-track.

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hammering a climb while biting on my camelbak

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we found this tagged at an overlook. out of coincidence, the tagger's name was kris. apparently "glory = tits"

<img src="https://static.flickr.com/69/169167234_5164d218c1_o.jpg" border=1 title="" >
standing like a dip.</div>

the north south trail, which covers ky and tn, features a fair amount of decent and mostly vacant track (approx. 40 miles). there were a couple of descents where i wish i had front suspension, very few gravel death traps, and VERY few riders. the only serious rider i saw was some buzz-cut behemoth on a yeti.

sadly, the trip was cut short a day. after i went out for a fifth run at portions of the trail, mid-climb, i started to hear some ping and knock, stare down, the stock (cane creek) headset had seen better days (just ordered an american classic headset).

looking to upgrade my redline now (thanks to some sales and graphic design jobs falling through). any suggestions on a new crankset/v-brakes/etc? i plan to stay rigid, i am more than satisfied with the fork.