Total SS newbie, need help!-
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    New question here. Total SS newbie, need help!

    I have one of those Chinese 29er HT I want to convert it to SS, and I'm a total SS newb.
    I'm not exactly sure what I need, but I want to do it right.

    Please tell me if this is what I need:

    1 Single chainring, crank arms,
    2 tensioner, chain guide?
    3 cog
    4 sprocket sleeve? ( or cover? not sure what this is called)
    5 chain (9 speed or ss chain?)

    Thank you

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    First of all if you haven't seen the SS FAQ's you should check them out. That page will most likely answer the questions you have now, and spawn many more.

    From your list it looks like you're thinking about the right stuff. I'm not sure what you mean by "sprocket sleeve," but otherwise it looks like a good start.

    1. Most people use their existing cranks on their first conversion, and just use the middle chainring.
    2.Tensioner. You do need some method for keeping the chain tensioned whether it be a frame made for it (horiz. dropouts, track ends, EBB, sliders, magic gear, ghost ring), or an idler of some sort.
    3. For the cog I recommend at least a cheap BMX cog. taking a ring off of a cassette leads to dropped chains.
    4. Sprocket Sleeve? I don't know what you're talking about, but the one thing you haven't mentioned is spacers for the freehub. If that's what your talking about then yes you will need spacers. 1 1/4" PVC pipe works great for spacing out a freehub.
    5.Chain. If you are running a wide BMX/Track cog then you will need a 1/8" SS chain. If you are running a narrow 3/32" drivetrain you'll want to match your chain to it.

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    Perfect advice ericepark. Something else to think about,and possibly the cheapest way to convert,use your current derailluer as a chian guide,ditch all shifting mechanisms,remove the cassette,order up a few $3-5 thin cogs from Pricepoint(.com) to find a gear ratio you like (removing a cassette and adding spacers\cogs is really simple with a chainwhip and the right tool on the end of your ratchet ). Then once you've gave it some good rides and picked your poison (gear\cog) and you know you like the setup (SS),you can invest in a chain tensioner,etc. Have fun,my friend! That's exactly how I built my first SS's (from as a kid on generic dept store bikes,to late 90's with a Gary Fisher)
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    I'm not sure how your bike is set up now but what I did was stick my bike in a gear I could handle and rode around for a few hours. I liked it so I did a conversion but you might find you need a few gears or even prefer 1x9.
    My bike has been 21 speed, 27 speed and of course single speed .... it was even full rigid for a while and I guess until you try it you won't know what suits you.
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    Thanks for your help everyone.

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