Too much chain tension = stiff cranks?? HElp!-
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    Too much chain tension = stiff cranks?? HElp!

    Hi guys,
    I was repositioning my rear wheel on my Voodoo and adjusted with the sliding dropouts for chain tension. After positioning them properly and tightened the dropouts and thought i was good to go. I then proceed to test it and felt the cranks were a little too stiff. It was not as smooth as before. It would not spin freely as if there were something resisting the cranks movement.

    I'm not sure what is wrong. Could it be that it had too much chain tension?

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    Yep... too little the chain slips off, too much the chain binds and feels like its locking up

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    Yeah. Chainrings are usually not perfectly concentric with the BB spindle, making for tight and loose spots throughout the crank's rotation.

    Adjust your chain for the tightest spot and don't worry about the loose spots.

    ... OR ...

    There's a trick you can do to try to alleviate the tight spots. It involves positioning your crank to the point where the tightness is worst, loosening your chainring bolts and then squeezing the top run & bottom run of the chain together. Then tighten the chainring bolts. This ~may~ lessen the severity of the tight spot.


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