Toe Clip Pedal Recís for Fixed Bikepacking-
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    Toe Clip Pedal Recís for Fixed Bikepacking

    Talk about a niche in a niche, in a nook or a cranny in a niche! Grin. I ride fixed gear exclusively, non negotiable. I bikepack. I go barefoot 98% of the time off bike, so no cycling shoes fit, so no clipless pedals. Seeking toe clip compatable pedal recommendations that:

    1. Are built to take abuse and strikes while riding and hike-a-biking rocky trails with load over rocks and roots
    2. Bearings are serviceable or easily replacable
    3. Low ground clearence.

    Iíve been riding MKS Sylvan Touring with deep toeclips and straps and loving them. However, their cage is taking a beating. Spindle and bearings still fine, so I have a default option to beat, that is a great cost value.

    Looking at Tiogaís SS Zero, which takes straps, but wondering if the inboard single bearing, though oversized, being attached to a lever that will be bashed, is doomed from the start.

    For reference, this is the type of bikepacking I do:

    With abandon,

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    You might look into a bear trap style pedal...
    Salsa Timberjack SS
    -Gears give me headaches

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    I can't for the life of me recall who makes them, but the fixed gear freestyle crowd seem to love the big nylon straps (no toe clips) attached to bmx-style flat pedals. I wish this reply was more helpful!

    PS -- read thru your blog; great stuff!! I used to do a bit of fixed gear touring and boy was that fun!

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    For my Fixed/SS MTB I use Power Grips old XT M730 bear trap pedals.

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    Thanks, Sage, SKM, and JMM! Iíve tried HoldFast straps and find I prefer the toeclips as they allow for a looser strap (easier in/out) yet give a solid foot position because the front of the cage defines where my foot is. I suspect in an area of bike use as niche as this, weíre all going to have our own solutions that almost, but donít quite, work as weíd ideally want, aye? Grin.

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