Thinking about a SS project-
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    Thinking about a SS project

    Its been a while since Ive posted on here and have recently just started getting back into visiting again (my focus as been on and linkedin) and I wanted to start with a thread that could develop a good conversation.

    So this is my bike:

    Frame: 2008 F29er Raw Size Large
    Fork: Lefty Speed Carbon SL 80
    Rims: Stans Arch
    Hubs: Cannondale Lefty (Front) DT Swiss 240 (Rear)
    Tires: Hutchinson Toro (Front) Hutchinson Python (rear)
    Pedals: XTR
    Crank: XTR (Middle Ring is a Q-Ring)
    BB: CK
    Chain: Sram 991
    Rear Cog: XTR
    Shifters: XO Twist
    Rear Derailleur: Sram XO
    Front Derailleur: Sram X9
    Bar: Salsa Pro Moto Carbon Flat 11-degree sweep
    Headset: Cannondale Headshok Si
    Stem: Cannondale Stem/ Steerer
    Breakset: Magura Marta SL
    Saddle: fizik aliante cannondale team green
    Grips: ESI lime green
    Cage: Cannondale Carbon / Ti
    Seat Post: Easton EC90
    Cables: Gore Ride-On

    I love this bike as is and the frame works really well for me but its time for a change. With that said...Im considering dropping the gears and running this as a SS.
    I am still in the midst of a pain staking job hunt and, besides family, riding is really the only vise holding my sanity together and I want to mix it up.

    A few questions before I solidfy my SS decision...

    Im not 100% sure this frame can be run as a SS....any insight?

    Will i need a new rear hub/wheel or can I use spacers? If I need a new wheel and hub I already have one in mind but would rather not spend the $ if i dont have to right now.

    Can I use this crank and just remove the granny and big ring?

    Will I need a different BB?

    If I decide to make this happen any recommendations for a good cog/tooth count to start my SS adventure with?

    If I need to make a few purchases to make this happen I will be selling the XO shifters, XO RD, X9 FD and cassette to fund the project...

    looking forward to your response.

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    Sounds like a nice geared build you have there. Going SS is a blast and certainly changes a lot of things about your ride. I dont have any experience with that frame in particular, but there are certainly options for running SS on a frame without sliding dropouts or an EBB.

    You can certainly use your current rear wheel/hub configuration. There are SS spacer kits, many of which include cogs, for sale on JensonUSA, Pricepoint, eBay etc...

    You can also use your XTR crank, BUT, you will need to get a SS compatible chainring. This means that it will not have any ramped teeth or pins for shifting. Especially with that egg-shaped Q-Ring, which will change the tension of your chain as your pedal once it is SS, which is no bueno.

    You won't need a new BB either, maybe just some more spacers if you dont have them already. Getting the chainline correct is very important.

    Gear ratios depend on the trail you're riding and of course how fit you are. I've never ridden a 29er SS, but usually a good ratio for a 26er is somewhere around 2:1 to start with. Its a good foundation and you can gear up or down depending upon how you think that feels. Im sure more people can chime in with a more insightful answer soon.

    Also, if you have trouble getting your chain the right length/tension considering the lack of dropout adjustability, among other things, you could consider getting a chain tensioner. Surly makes a nice one. Ive had one on one my bikes for years and its never whimpered.

    There is a HUGE amount of information on here on this topic and Im sure, your frame as well. Definitely worth a search to see what you can find. Good luck with your SS adventure and have fun!

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    If it were me I wouldn't sell all the nice stuff just to make a nice bike a SS. If the funds are tight, and you still want to SS then I would get a cheap rigid SS 29er (one of the bikes direct or nashabar or something).

    It will totally fix your desire for a new type of ride, and as long as you don't upgrade much, you won't have put too much more money in to it. Then you will have a nice geared HT, and a perfectly functional SS.

    Then when you have the money again, you will know if SS is something you want to do, in which case you can get a whole new nicer set up with track ends so you won't have to run a tensioner.

    That's just my 2 cents though. You can convert to SS very cheaply, but I wouldn't want to have just a basic conversion on that nice of a bike

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    ****, I don't know why people get so bonerific about making the swap to SS. Look, you don't even know if you are going to like it, so ****ing just do the cheap swap and see if you hate the **** out blowing your **** eating knees out.

    Get out your wallet and buy this kit. You get spacers, a variety of shitty stamped cogs that work and a chain tensioner, which you probably want. But this **** works, even the tensioner, just don't be a jizz bucket that can't understand why his chain pops while his tensioner is perpendicular to the ground. Get that ****ing chain tight.

    Keep the ****ing oval ring. It'll work. If you don't believe me, don't be lazy and do a search.

    You will need a hex key, a wrench, a chain whip, chain tool, cassette tool and for you not to be a tool. For beer, I'd do it for you, but you probably can't afford me.

    If you ****ing like SS, you can hit up Homebrewed components, buy a chainring and cog, use a magic gear and it'll look as swank as the photo you use for job apps.

    Rock and roll. ****. Good luck.

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