Thank you Warrior Society-
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    ... and if we just ... Thank you Warrior Society

    One of my New year's resolutions for this year was to ride the trails and explore the OC. And after my Clavicle break from last November, i had plenty of time to research several ride variations. As soon as the Dr. gave me the okay to ride again, i was enthused to ride the trails that Orange County has to offer. One of the trails i've done up and down out there this year was the Trabuco trail and the Holy Jim trail.

    Trabuco & Holy Jim, either climbing up or going down as fast as you can is a TON of fun with a lot of flow, speed and especially rocks and when you get to the bottom, you are treated with lush forest that run along side the creek. You can actually hear it while you are cruising down.

    In February, when all the rain was going on, we met Steve from the Warrior Society doing trail work by himself and we gave him a hand on some trail of the trail work. That was my 2nd ride there and i have to say that trails were not in the best shape due to the erosion from all the rain that socal was having.

    A buddy and I decided to come up again to do this ride:

    Once we got to Trabuco and Holy Jim. The trails were PERFECT! And i know that a lot of hard work and effort was put into these 2 trail systems. There was so much flow and hardly any sign of erosion damages from all the bombardment of rains.

    Warrior Society, Thank you very much!

    Now onto the pics and ride report

    Rob and I left San Diego around 7am and we get to the bottom of ITT and had wheels rolling by 8:30am.

    The climb up was really pleasant as we were greeted with crisp weather and great sunshine.

    We climbed all the way from the bottom of this mountain by the freeway and were not even half way up.

    Here is Rob entering Main Divide from ITT.

    This is the toughest part of Main Divide. The road comprise of loose shales and rocks which makes it for a tough climb. There is a section at the very top called the "wall" which basically looks like a wall.

    At this time Rob's legs were screaming at him telling him that cramping is imminent. I gave him some electrolyte tabs and it worked right away. At this point we still have about 22 miles to go.

    Two guys we met at the top after the "wall" and the guy with a red helmet on hit the wall and was hurting pretty bad. Turns out that the guy had a recent brain surgery from a tumor in his head. We tried to help him out and i gave him power gels so that he can make it back to the cars.

    Rob still motoring on Main Divide and feeling good.

    You can see ITT on the left hand corner. The freeway that you see is the 15 highway. There were also plenty of snow atop Big Bear from the recent storm.

    Here is my "Only" bike and she loves to pose. Say hello to SSweet SSerenity!

    This is the other side of the mountain and we will eventually end up at the bottom of that canyon and then make our way back up. OUCH

    Another two guys we met along the way and kind of rode together for a minute or two. Really cool people! They own a bike shop at the bottom of Trabuco so we might have to check that out on of these days.

    We ran into a couple of friends from SD. Christian, Evan and Basil up the entrance of Trabuco. They were climbing from the bottom of San Juan and then doing the Los Pinos trail. The two guys we met previously are from around the area and they said that they will only do that trail once every 10 years. LOL

    Rob going down on Trabuco. Santiago Peak at a distance.

    This is actually one of my favorite parts of Trabuco. It really feels like you are in some dense tropical forest out of South America. I especially like the sound of the creek flowing.

    After coming down Trabuco which i think ended way too soon. We hit the trail head for the Holy Jim Trail and we soon find ourselves climbing AGAIN!

    here is Rob going through the "tunnel"

    One of many creek crossing at Holy Jim

    The climb up Holy Jim is pretty difficult IMO because fatigue is somewhat setting in and you need to be on your A game or fall to the side of the cliff

    There had to been 10+ switch backs and i cleaned all but 2. One was just too technical and i was way tired to try again and the other one due to tiredness. The cool breeze was a welcome and awesome treat.

    I Heart Holy Jim!

    We still have to climb THAT!

    Overall it was 32 miles with 7000ft of climbing on the SS and it felt good! We met a bunch of cool people with interesting stories. What an absolute fun day! Great to be alive!

    We finished the day with some Tacos el Gordo in Temecula before we head back to SD.

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    Awesome post!


    We don't quit riding because we get old.
    We get old because we quit riding.

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    Nice photos. Especially of the food.

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