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    Thank you SS nerds

    I've been riding this thread about why single speed is nice for a long time now. I enjoy SS rider passion - I'm super stoked to read SS folks write about their love for all things SS.

    Now, what I've picked up on by reading SS posts is the 'stand and mash' philosophy. I decided I'd try it and see what it's like. So, for the last month or so, I've done just that. I ride a Santa Cruz Blur 4X - and when ever I ride now I stand and mash when ever I come to a hill. It's a totally different way to ride and I love it. I'm in way better condition and I've totally changed my riding style.

    Thank you SS nerds! I'm building up an old Cove Stiffee as a SS with parts from old bikes. It'll take a while...but I'll get on the SS team soon enough.

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    Who you calling a nerd, pal?

    JK!!! Welcome aboard. chuck to join my Rock Racing SS team....

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    I would like to extend my thanks as well for such great guys and support. I am hooked to SS and could not had done better without the input of this forum. I am building a true ss frame now and I am enjoying the journey. I love the simplicity of my bike now. btw, there is still some collateral damage as I am still passing the geared guys .

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    i just wanna slap a ditto to the above comments... the SS and 29er forums are the best, everyone is so helpful and encouraging and all have timeless advice that has completely changed the way I ride and the way I view my riding... SS forever baby!

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