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    Tensioner...Jockey wheel or rubber roller?

    I am digging the covert look of the Rennen chain tensioner, and I am digging the fact that it is a fixed position that is anchored with two points (axle and hanger hole). My question is, will the Rennen be noisy, squeaky, or just plain annoying? Or is it un-noticable?

    I feel as if the chain will eventually end up just skidding over the rubber wheel without the rubber wheel rotating. Especially with the lube factor.

    With the jockey wheel, I feel as if it would be less noticable since there is no chain bumps "bumping" up and down over the roller. even if the jockey wheel does not spin on sealed bearings like the Rennen, the bushing system should be plenty quiet as long as it is clean.

    So, my question comes down to...

    Will the rennen urethane roller get all chewed up if the chain skids over it without the roller spinning for say....the length of a few hour ride? Afterwards, I always wipe my chain down, as I would do with the Rennen roller.

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    Mine is noisy

    I run the Rennen and a 9 speed chain, so you get some noise with the chain "bumping" over the roller. I also have used the forte tensioner with a jockey wheel, it is quieter, but not as sturdy or clean looking. I have not noticed any wear on the roller yet. The only drawbacks with the Rennen is the little spacer under the QR nut can get lost and the fact that you need a carry a wrench to adjust the tensioner. Get a stick in the chain and it can move!

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    Jockey wheels make a constant "ratchety" sound, or at least my 1st gen Singleator did. I found the Soulcraft Convert w/urethane roller to be much quiter. So much so that I modified the Singleator to use a roller instead of a jockey wheel, and now it is quiet too.

    Several years on the Convert and no problems with wear on the roller. Its rolling on bearings so it would have to be seriously jacked up to stop turning and get chewed by the chain. I use both for CX, and while I clean my chains if the race is wet or muddy, I rarely have to touch the rollers.

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