Inspired by The Tao of Neons, i've been tring to work up a modified version for Singlespeeders....

here's what i've got so far....

III. The Tao Of Production
It had been ordained by the Patriarch that new bicycles were to be built. To that end, a new Assembly Plant was constructed. Modern and sophisticated, it still required Workers to operate its wondrous machines of Creation. It required a special kind of Worker; one who could understand Tao. The Plant Master stood outside the Plant door to meet those who would insert Tao into the new bikes. The first candidate rode up on a brand new, gleaming Raleigh Lahar and was dressed in lycra racing clothes, his appearance unruffled and precise. He approached the Master.
“Hello, I would like to be a Worker in your new Assembly Plant. Is there a position for me?”
Before the Master could answer, a second candidate drove up. He arrived on a lovingly restored rigid frame classic Cannondale from years past. It gleamed in the sunlight despite its age, and was parked in the middle of three empty parking spaces. The candidate was dressed in a more casual attire. As he climbed out, he frowned and gently brushed a piece of plant matter from the sparkling finish. He approached the Master and the first candidate.
“Is this where to apply for the position of Worker for this assembly plant?”
The Master studied him for a long minute. He turned to the first candidate. “I fear you have gotten lost.”
The second was shown his locker and workspace that morning.

A singlespeed bike owner greeted his sister as she rode up on her recently acquired Trek Fuel, She laughed at him, saying "My bike has full suspension and 27 gears, it should easily defeat your old Singlespeed in a contest!"
The man posed her a single question. "Why is that so important to you?"
His sister had no reply.

A young man was riding the trails with his companion, he was riding a cherished solid-frame classic MTB he built from hand into a singlespeed, She was riding a brand new full-suspension bike, she looked at his bike with distaste. "Why do you insist on riding that bike? The day is sweltering, but there are no gears to make climbing easier, no suspension to soften the ride, the ride is harsh; you can probably feel each jolt in your backside, and the paint job is horribly worn and not shiny anymore. What is the appeal of this bike?"
The man smiled with anticipation. His favorite corner was coming up.