Talk me into (or out of) a cheap conversion project.-
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    Talk me into (or out of) a cheap conversion project.

    So my main ride for the past 15 years, a Fat Chance Yo Eddy, is nearing the end of its lifespan: Too small, fork is shot (and 1" so replacements are near impossible to find), I'm over Vbrakes, cant fit bigole tires, and I am wanting a 29er.

    I have an extremely limited budget to use for a new bike, and listings for SS 29ers on ebay and local Craigslist are not within reach. HOWEVER, just plain ole geared 29er frames can be had for hella cheap (~$100-$150).

    So now I'm wondering if it might just be worth getting a geared 29er frame, rigid fork, a new tensioner, and a cheapo pair of 29er wheels. I can transfer most of the other parts off of my Yo Eddy and end up with a build around $350. Mebbe in a few years (or some plasma donations) i could get a SS specific frameset or an ENO hub. Plus, I could always throw on my XO shifty bits when a situations calls for gears (highly unlikely).

    Any thoughts? Anyone else digging their conversions? Like I said, I need talking into (or out of) this scheme..

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    Have you considered the Gravity SS 29er?

    pretty solid bike for the price. there is a thread about it if you search.

    Nashbar makes an aluminum frame SS 29er thats cheap, but it's not a great material for a rigid bike. I owned one for a brief time. it was good enough to inspire me to build up a Kona Unit, which i love, but not a bike i would keep long term.
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    If you like it, you'll be paying more than a new bike. If you don't, you saved a couple bucks.

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    I wouldn't just go with some random frame.

    If it's a frame you would love to have, whether it's geared or ss, go for it, worst that can happen is you ride around geared. In fact, go ahead and slap your old dr on there and use that as a tensioner if you have to, that actually might work. As opposed to actual ss chain tensioners, which you will eventually want to drop-kick into the next county.

    If you're focused on ss, google up the frame and see if anyone has found a magic gear combo for it that'll allow it to run without a tensioner, that's ss bliss right there. That's the easiest way by far to do ss on the cheap and actually have it work. To me that would make a frame very attractive for ss.

    If you're up for some random frame, I'll just throw it out there that Nashbar has an aluminum frame ss for $400 already built out, moly fork, cheap wheels and all. With track ends. Just sayin.

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