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    Swapping chainring/cog setups and chain length

    I have a 2008 16" Jabberwocky that I have run with a 34/20 for most of the time I have owned it and used a half-link to get the axle pretty close to the middle of the horizontal dropouts. Take the half-link out and depending on if you add or shorten the chain, it puts the axle at extreme ends of the dropouts. Recently a different job has put me in a location where hitting a LBS is now convenient. I like the idea of just grabbing a chain when I need it, along with helping out a good LBS. This has also had me considering ditching the half-link. Just one less thing I don't want to mess with. I used this website to calculate chain lengths.


    From what I can tell, switching to a 32/19 setup would put me real close to what I currently run, only add .13" to the length, and ditch the half-link. Is anyone familiar with this website and if so, does it look like I am figuring this correctly? I would also appreciate any first hand experience with running a 32t chain ring on a 16" Jabberwocky frame and what has worked for you.

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    The calculator on that website works pretty well, long as you know the numbers to put in it.

    Anecdotally speaking, I went from 34-20 to 32-19 on my bike last year sometime. With 34-20 the axle was in the middle of the dropouts and changing it put the wheel way toward the back end. Removing a link got it right where I like it. So it seems like you are probably on the right track.
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    Swapping chainring/cog setups and chain length

    That is a great calculator.

    I run multiple single speeds and depending on what isn't in use requires considering other chainring/cog combinations.

    For a single rig/cog combo calculator, this is my goto one...

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    Thanks for the information!

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    32/22 on a 16 Jabber puts the sliders about 3mm from full forward slam.
    32/19 is about 1/3 of the way back from forward, IIRC.
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