Alrighty, quite possibly the simplest part on my SS has been giving me problems over the last couple of weeks - the bolt on axel.

On one side when I tighten or loosen the axel bolt it spins the whole axel instead of coming on or off, sometimes loosening the lock bolts that tension the sealed bearings. In addition, track bolts won't stay on with my On One tensioners. At first I thought it was my track bolts were stripped, so I bought a new set. Even when new they didn't work well with the tensioners and within one cycle of tightening and loosening some threads were stripping off the new track bolts. So I went out and bought regular old bolts of the same size. Due to their lower profile, they work fine with the tensioners, but the whole axel still spins when tightening or loosing the one side.

Now I'm not too worried about the track bolts fitting working with the tensioner as they hold the wheel fine without it. What I am worried about is the spinning axel as it has made taking the wheel off more difficult (and nearly impossible without 2 wrenchs) which may leave me stranded in the woods if I flat and loosens the axel on the bearing.

I apologize if this is a very basic question, but it fits the profile of my on going saga of technical malfunctions this year.