Surly 1x1 29er clearance-
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    Surly 1x1 29er clearance

    So, i just got a Surly 1x1, it currently has 26x2.4 Continental Mountain Kings. I know from the Surly website that i can make the 1x1 a 29er but how wide of a 29" tire can i run?

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    I know someone who got a 45c tyre in one with a 29" rim.

    You'd be better going 650b or getting a proper frame

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    here's what I can get mounting 44's (on 700's) with rim brakes:

    Surly 1x1 29er clearance-5583194104_d69a55aa71_z.jpg

    Surly 1x1 29er clearance-5582608509_30ca147be3_z.jpg

    fun bike

    Surly 1x1 29er clearance-5666352062_3bec70c70b_z.jpg
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    get an ENO hub, rotate it to point straight downward, 2.1" kenda small block 8 with the c-stays at about 16.5".
    I posted a pic a year or three ago.

    standard hubs? 2.0 and moved far back in the drops... it's the seatstay bridge that gets you.
    If steel is real then aluminium is supercallafragiliniun!

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    Heres My Surly 1x1 with 29 x 2.1 IRC Tires

    <a href="" title="Tuesdays Ride by normbilt, on Flickr"><img src="" width="640" height="480" alt="Tuesdays Ride"></a>

    <a href="" title="Green 1X1 007 by normbilt, on Flickr"><img src="" width="583" height="640" alt="Green 1X1 007"></a>

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    Hi Guys
    While I fitted mine with Maxxis igniter 1.9, I've only rode it a few times and went back to 26's as I prefered it. I realise I didn't really give it much time and didn't dislike the 29'ers but I love it with 26'ers. Might give it more of a chance this summer. Clearance on the Maxxis was tight on the front but no problems.
    Mines an XS 1X1, thats the beauty of a 1X1 in that they are so versatile.
    Must be something with these green 1X1's or maybe its the owners
    Happy trails

    old pics of the wheel and brake change over

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