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    Stock wheels and cranks for single speed

    Hi everyone.
    About a year ago i converted my old xc ktm into a single speed, converting the 9 speed into single with spacers and using the triple deore crankset, with just one chainring.
    I'd like to upgrade to a specific rear wheel and crankset for single speed, as light as possible.
    Can you reccomend any good value parts im looking europe.

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    I'm assuming it's not that you want cranks that can't possibly accept more than one ring, but rather, cranks that work well for 1x1 and are light.

    I read on some other forum where some guy took a bunch of cranksets apart and just weighed the crank arms, and plain old XT cranks actually were pretty light, once you take the rings off. I think the XT and SLX crankarms are both right around 600g, without bb, which ain't bad I don't think. Hard to beat that with alloy, especially considering that the more expensive alloy sets just get heavier (because they are built stronger.) I guess you'd have to go carbon to really save weight. RF Next looks pretty sweet, but I'm too much of a cheapskate to spend that kind of money to save that kind of weight. Already dropped 100g when I switched out my cranks and I'll be danged if I can tell the difference. For the money I'd come out ahead building up a lighter wheel.

    Speaking of which, aren't ss-specific hubs heavier than freewheel hubs? I've been pretty happy with Endless Bike cogs spaced out properly, although if I weren't riding an ss specific frame, I would be really interested in building up a back wheel with a White Industries eccentric rear hub. But not for the weight savings.

    But yeah, having a wheel built up as light as you can afford it with an eccentric hub would be one way to go, and I'll bet you like it.

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    Raceface Turbine Cinch cranks offer great versatility, weight, and quality. otherwise i would choose SLX.

    I would build the rear wheel with Hope SS hub, DB spokes, and rim of your choice. Velocity blunt 35, Stans Flow EX, or if you have a little extra $ Light Bicycle 30-35mm rim.

    you didn't give a very specific budget. combining "as light at possible" and "good value" is a dream combo, but something has to give.

    like the phrase says: light, strong, cheap... pick two
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    Stop asking how much it weighs and just go ride it.

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    Ive been looking on the usual internet bike shops, and not found any mtb race specific wheels, i guess i'll have to have it hand made.

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    I own X9 cranks and their direct mount system does not allow for rotating the chainring as wear occurs. This sucks as I'll go through chainrings twice as fast as I should have to. If you want a direct mount crank, do Race Face Cinch. 104 BCD--then Shimano.

    Sun Ringle Helix rims look durable, Spank Oozy's light. My SS race wheels have Pacenti TL28's.

    Hope hubs are good value but noticeable higher rotating friction than my DT's or Hadley's. Hadley's are heavy and tough to get a hold of in America. DT's are light but have low engagement and cost a bunch. Race hub I'd choose DT 240 SS specific.
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