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    stem overkil

    I got a truvativ hussefelt 60 mm stem on my rigid ss. I know this stem is overkill. I bought it because the price was right and the color was right. the bike handles pretty good and I don't have any complaints. but I can't help but wondering if I would gain any performance for the type of riding that I do if I would ditch the stem and buy a normal 60 millimeter stem? I mean is there such a huge increase in stiffness when you go with a stem like this that is it is noticeable when you're just doing trail and all mountain style riding? Or is the difference between stems, as far as rigidity is concerned, so negligible that it's not worth being concerned about?

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    Especially at 60mm long, there's probably not a lot of difference as far as stiffness goes. If you had a 100mm+ long stem, then you start to get into stiffness issues between different models. With a shorter stem, you probably could shave a little weight if you got a different stem, but probably wouldn't really notice it

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    I'd say that an 'overbuilt' stem is a good thing for singlespeed use, as we're often wrestling ( sometimes very wide ) handlebars, while stomping out of the saddle for climbs.

    It's nice to have the reassurance of a little more material on a component used in such a critical area

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    well this is all good to know lol. A part of me didn't feel like replacing my stem, but ever since I've been a teenager people have always called me captain overkill lol. so sometimes when I look at my bike I think it looks ridiculous but there's no doubt in my mind that the stem will probably be the last thing to explode lol.

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    The only performance difference you have, compared with a lighter stem, is a little weight.
    (being a little heavier than most others I see on trails, I like to have some overkill in my bike....)

    "it IS possible that you are faster or slower than anybody else who is having at least as much if not more or less fun"

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