Steel vs Al vs Ti vs Carbon-
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    Steel vs Al vs Ti vs Carbon

    OK, I've read devotees of each frame material. I've also read all the "I love the feel of steel.."

    Here's the deal, I've owned each of these frame materials in various road and mountain bikes. I can't say that one give a huge difference over the other. Lighter maybe, slightly more stiff sure. But if there's no suspension, the shocks going up into the rider. After riding and racing everything out there for the last 20 years, I keep coming back to my old bike clubs motto "Bike's a bike".

    Am I just not a sophisticated enough rider to catch the nuances that people rave about? It seems to me that suspension, tires, tire pressure, geometry, and saddle make the biggest differences. Could I just be clueless after all these years and all these bikes? I'm posting this in the SS forum as many of us run rigid where these issues are magnified.

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    Scandium bikes also a good choice for a racier ride.

    A lot of it is weight. Different geometry can make the same material feel different.

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