The SShort Bus: techno-gee-wiz singlespeed fun-
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    The SShort Bus: techno-gee-wiz singlespeed fun

    I'm a lucky man. My fiancee/best friend/heterosexual lifemate loves to ride. Not only does she love to ride, she loves to ride singlespeeds! This time last year she built up her dream bike, a Santa Cruz Blur built to take the stunting & jumping abuse that she intended to dish out. She rode the hell out of it for about 3 months. One day she was in our LBS and caught wind of a sweet deal on a 1x1 frame, so she ordered one up with a nice Paul hub and a Float for the front end. She had an old converted aluminum SS that she'd fairly often, but not all of the time. She loved the new steel hardtail so much that the blur started collecting dust. It went unridden until November of last year, when she was just riding along and backed over the 1x1 with a 5000 pound Buick. The blur went back on the shelf as soon as the 1x1 was ready to ride again, and it went unridden until Tuesday.

    Why'd she pick the blur over the 1x1 on Tuesday?

    Because it's her new singlespeed, her techno-gee-wiz singlespeed.

    She'd considered just selling the blur, since she wasn't riding it, but one day she decided that she'd like to lighten it up and give it one last try before selling it. What better way to lighten a bike than stripping off the drivetrain? We also borrowed a set of extremely light wheels from a WW friend and ditched the 880g DK iron cross pedals for some 500g mag pedals. The bike started as a 30 pound freeridish pig, now it's a 23 pound speed masheen! The conversion produced the desired effect. We reached the end of the first trail, about 3/4 of a mile in, and she had a big dopey grin on her face. She turned to me and said "this thing's idiot proof!" The Short Bus was born.
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    Can we get a close up of that tensioner? Looks great, nice to see more FL SS riders out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperBad
    Looks great, nice to see more FL SS riders out there.
    There's actually plenty of 'em down here. Well, I don't know if the number of SS riders would qualify as a "buttload", but it's definitely a growing trend.

    I think a lot of the fella's got over their fear of SSing. They see lil' ol' 5'4" buck-twenty me riding one (or one of many as it may be), and automatically assume they can do it too. We've got converts left and right. A few months ago, I got one other female to give it a try, and she went out and bought a matching 1x1.

    So, at least that makes two of us SS-luts.

    I've got a cousin who wants to try biking, so I'm taking her out to a women's ride I run. I figgur, what would be a more perfect bike for her to borrow? So, in a way that'll make 3 SoFla ladyfolk SSers, and a bunch of men SSers.
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    Very cool

    Thats a great story about the blur. I wish my wife liked bikes that much, Very cool idea.
    Happy bikin.

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