SS with wide bars and bar ends-
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    SS with wide bars and bar ends

    I have been running Easton Carbon risers since I have been SS and I am considering using straight bars and bar ends as the position looks much better for climbing. I just wanted to get an idea how many people were running this set up and how wide a bar you use.

    I am worried that I am going to miss the width of a 26" bar but fitting bar ends to bars this wide might not work. I am not tall only 5'8 and light at 135lbs. I ride a rigid steel frame and I'd like to keep it light.

    Thanks in advance.

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    There's no reason you have to give up width when you go to a flat bar. There are plenty of flat bars made at least 26" wide. The Surly Torsion bar is one example. I believe Titec used to make one called the Flat Tracker or something too. They're out there though.

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    Do what you like not what others think. That goes for the bar ends also. Since I took mine off I spin out on hills like a mad dog and spend more time pushing than riding up hills. I may put them back on just for that reason.
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    When you use a flat bar,it's good to have one that's the same width as your shoulders.One reason is so you don't snag trees and such and the other is for better control of the bike.Too narrow or too wide will cause the bike to oversteer or understeer.
    Bar-ends do aid in climbing but eventually you'll learn to climb without using them. I'm only saying this because I used bar-ends on all my bikes for years but recently I found I could climb just as well without them. I tried a pair recently on a rigid Nishiki and they bugged me,So I took them off and I rode better. I could be I grew out of using them and gained better riding experience.
    So it really depends on a lot of things. Give the flat-bar/bar-end combo a try. You may like the riser bar better.
    As for riser bars,I felt they had better control over rough terrain but I've been riding flat-bars for so long,I'm just used to them.
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    Niner makes a 28" wide flat bar.

    Flat Top 9 Bar </strong></span><span class="style12"><br>
    Bar: Butted 7000 Series Alumnium <br>
    Width: 28" - 710 mm with cut hash marks<br>
    Sweep: 9 degrees (same sweep as most riser bars) <br>
    Rise: None<br>
    Weight: 260 grams<br>

    Finish: Bead blast black anodized <br>
    Clamp: 31.8mm</span><span class="micro style12"><br>
    </span><span class="ninerCopy style12"><strong>Cost: $49.99</strong>

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