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    SS Training

    I ran my SS for a couple months but then suspended it to train for and ride an 8 day MTB stage which required one to ride as a team of two and my partner was SS unfriendly. I have now, however, resolved to ride this season only SS and set to wondering how one trains for SSing. I would normally do two days a week of intervals and one long MTB ride (as fast as I can and then hang in until the end of the ride) and the rest whatever I can fit in - mostly a mix of easy and moderate tempo rides.

    But SSing is different and I would like to build the stamina, strength and speed to be able to kick my geared buddies butts on the longer, enduro style races we normally do (about 100km or so).

    Any ideas ?

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    do big rides on SS

    or ride a road bike,or ride a geared bike whatever you do helps SS'ing,
    I don't think you should think of a SS being that much different.
    Whatever training methods have worked in the past should work here also.
    I like to ride with a harder gear and then gear down a little for a big,long race.
    I've been inside too long.

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    I second that

    Quote Originally Posted by KgB
    I don't think you should think of a SS being that much different.
    I've done a 100 mile off-road race both on gears and on SS. I was age 48 when I did the race on a singlespeed; I was about 20% slower on the SS than I was the year before on a gearie. I mention my age because I assume it had something to do with the disparity in my finishing times. But I still finished mid-pack (and there were no other singlespeeders in my class).

    I didn't train any differently from one bike to the other, and if I were preparing for an epic race like that again I still wouldn't train any differently. Personally, hours in the saddle, proper nutrition and passion for my objective were the three components that added up to my success. It made no difference which bike I rode.

    I'd suggest you go long -- brutally long. Plus do rides that have at least 10,000' of gain. My training partner and I (Gen'l Coonskins) did many rides that gained 12,000-16,000'. We went 'over the top' a couple times by doing rides that were harder than the event we'd set our sights on.

    It added up to success for us, whether geared or SS.


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