Ok so I''m slowly going insane with all the snow on the ground and I've been looking at my new haro SS I built up. Well here is the problem if anyone wants to waste some time at work and come up with some possible solutions.<p>
I have a 17.5" bianchi SISS, a Haro Werks SS (they call it medium but it is 19.5"), and my race gearie which is a 17" medium SC superlight. The SC fits like a glove, with the toptube measurement and 100mm by 6 degree stem. The SISS also fits well, though the TT is longer than the superlight, using a 100mm (may go to 90mm) by 10degree rise.
So heres the rub, the Haro, I can't get comfy on it. I am running a 90mm by 10deg rise stem, but i just don't feel the oneness i do when on the SISS or stupidlight. If you wnat could you look up the different TT lengths and tell me the differences, the reason I am asking is that I did all day doing this, but the numbers are so close it seems minimal. <p> I've pondered over this Haro and I'm not sure if I can get her to fit right. Please help before I have to resort to Billy Bong Thorton for some "deep" thinking.
I'm 5"10, 30" inseam. Yes I've measured the cockpits and they come up different, but is the 2cm is killing me????