SS rear brake alignment help-
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    SS rear brake alignment help

    Built up my first single speed bike. Its a budget build using a origin 8 scout frame. Currently dialing in the gearing I want to run and adjusting chain tension. The issue that I can't seem to resolve is getting the rear brake to not rub on the rotor. I attached pictures to show how the caliper can slide on the frame for correct adjustment. Seems that adjusting the alignment of the caliper left to right and sliding the caliper front to back doesn't seem to align the caliper so it doesn't rub. I have measured the tension screws on the dropout so that the wheel is aligned correctly in the dropouts so I don't think that this is the problem.
    Any help on this matter would be awesome.
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    I've had many sets of Elixir brakes and sometimes the calipers don't retract fully in the relaxed position. I would check to make sure the calipers aren't proud of the calipers body/housing. Take brake pads out and look down into the calipers body. The calipers shouldn't be protruding. If they are you may need to clean the calipers with a little rubbing alcohol and a q-tip. I push them back in with a clean tire lever.

    If the calipers are ok loosen the bolts holding the calipers to the frame and hold the brake in while you tighten the caliper bolts. The brakes should self-align with the rotor, side to side.

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    1. be certain that the axle is even on both sides of the dropouts. don't judge this by how centered the rim/tire is in case the wheel is slightly off-dish.

    2.make sure both pistons are moving and retracting evenly. Elixirs generally suck in this regard and are a huge pain. you can lube the pistons to free them up if they are sticking.

    3. I would have reversed the orientation of the CPS washers under the caliper. I am not sure if that will solve the problem, but they are designed to be set up like this:

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